Saturday, October 5, 2013

XBox 360 Roster Downloads

My "Opening Night Roster Download" is finally here!!

Opening Night:
DOWNLOAD LINK (Click link in BLUE BOX on site)


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    1. It is working fine for me. I updated it with a different one tho so give it a try again.

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    1. I'm working on a PS3 update using Petr's work. It won't be exact, but still accurate. That said, I have two teams to complete with what has been done so far, but I would like to wait a until after Puck posts some more CAPS. That way they will be even more accurate ;-)

  3. Can this be done with a Macbook, or does it have to be PC?

  4. good job, thank you very much!

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  8. Hi all! I'm fairly new to this so please bare with me but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to post the CAP for Petteri Lindbohm for the Blues as he isn't in the game and I've yet to update to NHL 15?

    Also just wondering if anyone has any idea if there's a way to access online the up to date player values as I'm a bit of a hockey realist junkie and like my players to be up to date as possible. I'm not interested in paying any extras cost at this point for a 360 membership so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

    Look forward to hearing from y'all!
    Any information would be appreciated!

    - DylaN